Video Upload Guidelines

Heads up, Devs: we’ve added a Vimeo-powered video player to our games detail page. You can upload your own video trailer for your games and drive more players to check them out. While you’re brainstorming what to do, keep in mind the following...

  1. Length
  2. Longer than 30 secs, shorter than 2 minutes. You could go longer, but 2 minutes already feels just shy of forever so we don’t recommend it. Get the viewer’s attention. Show your work at its best. Give them a reason to cut you short and get downloading.

  3. Your Games’ Branding
  4. Work in your logo and branding early, and close with an endcard of your logo, tagline and any signature art/branding.

  5. Keep the Viewer’s Interest
  6. It’s not just gameplay, but what you do with it. Mix it up. Got a lot of level variety? Show us around. Wild power-ups? Barrage us a bit. A little chaos is good. Cut on rhythm and action. Emphasize the speed, pace, and strong beats of your gameplay - goals, frags, close-calls, displays of skill - and don’t hold back moments from the paid side of the game. Show them what they’re missing if they don’t buy.

  7. Call to Action
  8. Be clear about the value for the user - characters, levels, scale of the story, potential for high-level play.

  9. Music
  10. Music is really really important. Choose wisely. Your in-game music might be perfection, but if it’s tricky to cut footage to it, look elsewhere. Vimeo offers two options for using music via theirMusic Store. You can layer soundtracks to the videos with Enhancer OR make custom tracks that are timed to fit.

    There’s also a few other music libraries to pull from:

  11. OUYA Branding
  12. OUYA branding is in no way required. We want the emphasis on your name, your studio, and your game to come first…but if you plan on sharing your preview elsewhere online, please include the OUYA branding.

    Thefull OUYA style-and-resource guide is here.

  13. Great OUYA Trailers by Developers
  14. Here are some links to trailers from fellow OUYA devs.

  15. Video Specs
  16. Aspect Ratio: 16x9

    Resolution: 1080p preferred, though 720p is acceptable.

    Compression: H.264, MP4, min 5mbps bit-rate.

  17. When
  18. Now! It's all set up and waiting for your video =)

  19. Where to send your video
  20. Create an account on Upload your video. Go to the OUYA dev portal, edit your game version (or create a new version), and paste the Vimeo url in the new “video url” field you’ll find there.

If you’re unfamiliar with Vimeo,start here

If you want help creating your video trailer for your title,AppVideos is offering special pricing to OUYA customers.